Two Tips for Those Who Want to Purchase a Necklace for a Loved One

Posted on: 20 December 2019

If you want to treat your loved one to a necklace, these tips could help you to find one that they will genuinely love.

Consider purchasing an antique necklace

When most people go shopping for jewellery, they usually limit their search to brand-new items. However, when you begin the process of picking out this gift, it is worth taking a peek at the many antique necklaces that are for sale in your local vintage shops and online.

There are several reasons why an antique necklace might be better than a newly made one. Firstly, antique jewellery that has survived for many years is probably well-made and as such is likely to continue to endure and look good for many more years. If, for example, you come across a 50-year-old antique crystal necklace, whose crystals are still in excellent condition and whose links and prongs are untarnished and free from any scratches, this is a probably a sign that the necklace is made from extremely high-quality materials that will stand the test of time. As such, if you were to buy a necklace like this for a loved one, the chances of them being able to wear this necklace for the rest of their life will be quite high.

Secondly, if you buy your loved one a necklace from a jeweller that sells mass-produced jewellery, it is very likely that the recipient will come across many people wearing the exact same necklace. This might bother them if they value their individuality and like to wear rare accessories and garments. A person like this would probably greatly appreciate an antique necklace, which they won't see many (if any) other people wearing.

Think about the kind of clothes your loved one wears

Before picking out a necklace as a gift, you should give some thought to the type of clothing the recipient usually wears. For example, if they wear garments that are brightly coloured and have a lot of eye-catching details (like sequins, frilled cuffs, etc.), then it might be best to give them a relatively simple-looking necklace that won't distract from the striking clothing that they want to draw attention to.

On a practical note, if they wear a lot of open-collar tops, shirts or dresses, then it might be better to pick out a shorter necklace instead of a longer one, as the latter might slip underneath the open collar as the person walks around, in which case any pendant or other decorative item hanging off it may end up hidden from view.

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